Meet the Shop Girls: Joanie & Lindsey

Welcome to round 7 of Meet the Shop Girls! Brought to you by the lovely Katie!

Name: Joanie
Birthday: December 23
Hometown: Morgan City, Louisiana

Joanie wearing the Obi Dress in Orchid

Favorite Trashy Diva dress: Obi Dress in Orchid
Fashion inspiration: Doris Day & Anne Fogarty
Favorite era: 1950s
Favorite city: The Crescent City – Who Dat Nation!
Favorite music artist: Janis Joplin
Favorite hobby: shopping, eating, drinking and being merry!
Favorite lipstick: Nars velvet matte lip pencil in “Damned” blended with MAC lustre “Pretty Please” lipstick

Name: Lindsey
Birthday: May 23
Hometown: Wimberley, Texas

Bonita Dress in Sacred Hearts

Favorite Trashy Diva dress: anything in Sacred Hearts
Fashion inspiration: places & their cultures: Japan, Mexico, Spain, New Orleans
Favorite era: since I have to choose… 1940s
Favorite city: Barcelona, Spain
Favorite music artist: Edith Piaf
Favorite hobby: baking & gardening
Favorite lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo
If you were a car, what kind of car would you be? 1941 Cadillac convertible

Our New Website is LIVE!

Pssst! In case you haven’t heard, our new website is LIVE! We have a new blog over at the new site (but don’t worry, we’ve moved all of the older posts from here over there too!), so head on over there to get your latest Trashy Diva fix!

We’ll be phasing out this blog page, so be sure to bookmark the new blog site:

June’s Top 5 Songs According to Tiffany

Music is my passion in life. I’m always wracking my brain trying to think of stuff to blog about and today a light bulb burned a bright beacon of enlightenment over me today. I thought to myself, why not write about music! Sometimes the most obvious answer isn’t always so obvious. I decided to post a playlist every month or so. I’m going to list about 10 songs a month that are currently on my iPod. I’m a total music schizophrenic so this should make for an eclectic list. Here goes, June’s top 5 songs on my iPod list!!!!!

1) “Custard Pie” by Led Zeppelin from the album Physical Graffiti.

This song is just so damn rockin. I really can’t say anything more other than; this song always puts me in the greatest mood.

2) “Mississippi Delta” by Bobbie Gentry from the album Ode To Billy Joe.

This song was the flipside to her very popular song “Ode To Billy Joe” It shows a totally different side to Bobbie Gentry, a funkier side. This song makes me wanna kick my shoes off and shake my tail feather! As a bonus, I also used this song to help my son remember how to spell Mississippi.

3) “Do You Know The Way To San Jose” by Dionne Warwick from the album Dionne Warwick In The Valley of The Dolls

Every time I listen to this song it gets stuck in my head, and I love it! I got on a Dionne Warwick kick a couple of months ago and bought a few songs by her. This was the first one I bought and it’s still my favorite. I listen to this song at least once every couple of days. Burt Bacharach originally wrote the song, and Dionne’s smooth effortless voice compliments the song beautifully. Every time I hear it I see beautiful pictures in my head of sunny days and vacation like scenes filled with colorful cocktails and oversized sunglasses. Where’s a pina colada when you need one?

4) “The Future” by Leonard Cohen from the album The Future

Pardon my forwardness, but this song just makes me think of dirty lustful sex. Something about Leonard Cohen and his seductively suggestive lyrics just really gets me goin. I’ve already maid myself blush. he he he

5) “Uprising” by Muse from the album The Resistance

I don’t usually listen to the radio, and I also don’t usually give most modern bands the time of day, but I really can’t pass up a truly good “stick it to the man” song. I happened upon this by accident and couldn’t get it out of my head. I had never even heard of this band before (I know, I’m totally out of touch when it comes to new music). I Googled the lyrics and found out what the song was. I haven’t had the chance to listen to any of the other songs on this album yet, but I plan on it. Perhaps there are more little treasures by Muse that have yet to tickle my eardrums.

Well until next time!!!! Peace out Divas!!


Juan’s Flying Burrito

“Seven days without Juan’s Flying Burrito makes one weak”.

Next week I’m departing the Crescent City for my annual vacation. A brief stop in Pensacola then off to Orlando with my family. I’m taking along several beautiful dresses, but the one thing that must stay in New Orleans is Juan’s. Here at Trashy Diva we heart Juan’s. Oh, the pork. I could and have talked about the pork for hours. The last time I recall one week without Juan’s would be early May when I spent time in Morgan City helping my family prepare for the coming flood waters. As soon as I arrived back in the Big Easy I bolted to Juan’s. My husband thought I was insane devouring my House Special Pork Quesadilla along with my house rox Margarita. Simply amazing. The bright spot of returning from my much anticipated vacation is knowing that Juan’s will be waiting for me when I come home. For now, it is time to pack.

Here is what I’m putting in my suitcase:

1. Obi Long Dress in Purple Floral
2. Sweetie Dress in Turquoise Birds
3. Sadie Circle Dress in Liquor Print
4. 1940s Dress in Olivine Floral
5. Tropical Flowers Trixie Dress (inspired by Crystal)
6. Annabelle Dress in Retro Floral
7. Doris Dress in Cobalt
8. Dorothy Dress in Cocktail Cherries
9. Cute backless denim dress
10. Two pairs of shorts with random tops for emergencies

Tiare’s New Year Prayer (A Reminder to Last Throughout the Seasons)

"Prayer", photo by aronki, via Flickr

Through a year of natural disaster swallowing fellow comrades, the economy testing our patience, and emotions on high, I pray that we may spend this transition reflecting on inward transformation and reevaluate old ideas from new perspectives and embrace the changes our society is going through by action and adaption using an uninhibited and evolved-minded stand points. Let us finally not set aside differences, but instead valuate the perfect appropriateness of the varying characterizations which reside in the spirit of a particular vessel (body) that, by very definition, distinguishes us as individuals. Lets dig deep to remove the benign everyday insecurities and fears that have been instilled in us at an extremely early age by the masses that have proved to be tools of control. Let us constantly strive to become a more efficient instrument for aiding the continuance of the exploration of fearless love – that which we have only scraped the top of a vast capacity to do so. Let us forgive ourselves for forgetting that we have the consent of will to our own ruin or rapture. Let submissive neglect for the grand picture of the great potential of our society lie in its death bed and let progressive thinking be its heir that invites conscientious integrity past the doorway of an idea and into a reality of sincere lifestyles. As the two currencies of this universe, how one spends his or her time and energy is paramount – let us spend wisely. Let our positive focuses expand and manifest. Let us be courageous and faithful to honor. Let us use creativity to form a more beautiful reality. Let liberation (on all levels) be our aim. Let us realize, proactively respond, and believe.


~ Tiare

Meet the Owner: Candice

Welcome to round 6 of Meet the Shop Girls! Brought to you by the lovely Katie!

Name: Candice
Birthday: June 13
Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

Favorite Trashy Diva dress: Obi Long, in Retro Floral
Fashion inspiration: 1930s-50s fashion magazines, especially Bazaar & Vogue. Asian textiles. Old movie stills. Vintage clothing.
Favorite era: Victorian through 1950s (obsessed with 1936-1946)
Favorite city: New Orleans

famous photos by Horst (at left) and Brassai (at right)

Favorite artists: Photos by Horst and Brassai; art of Gustav Klimt
Favorite hobby: shopping (surprise!)
Favorite lipstick: MAC Rubywoo or Russian Red Matte
If you were a car, what kind of car would you be? 1930s Lincoln

Andy’s First Fathers Day!

For my husbands first Fathers Day we went to Brennan’s for brunch. It also was our little Rosy’s first fancy brunch. Thought I’d share.

My Audrey Pencil dress was the perfect choice for Father’s Day brunch.

Rosy was all smiles!!!!

Our entertaining waiter prepared Crepes Fitzgerald and Banana’s Foster table-side!


Hope y’all enjoyed the pics!!!