My Favorite Jackets & Coats by Trashy Diva

Last week when I went into the Trashy Diva offices, I got complimented on the jacket I was wearing by Bree & Tiffany, who were working in our Magazine Street shop. I told them it was actually old Trashy Diva! My buckles jacket, seen above, is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, and I think it might have been the first thing I ever bought after I started working at Trashy Diva in 2006. I think I actually got one of the very last ones before we sold out! (There was also a black leather version of the buckles jacket, which sold out before my time. I wish I had both!)

When Christy of Slow Southern Style recently suggested that some local bloggers all write posts on the theme of our favorite coats and jackets, I knew immediately that I wanted to be involved! I love layering, and there’s nothing better to top off a fall or winter wardrobe with than a cute jacket! I love my buckles jacket for day time use and if I’m going out to a bar or club (this jacket has seen many late, smoky bar nights), but sometimes you need a glamorous jacket for special occasions. My personal favorite is the Garbo Coat!

The first picture was taken during the holidays, in 2006 I think. Nothing says Christmas like the Garbo Coat and a Santa hat with bright red trousers! The second set of pictures is the outfit I wore to a friend’s outdoor winter wedding. Between the Garbo Coat, a wool tweed skirt, and an Isabella corset from Trashy Diva, I stayed pretty warm even though it was cold out!

The Garbo Coat is still available for purchase here. The buckles jacket is an older style, but maybe if enough of us bug Candice she will bring it back??? You can check out all of the current Trashy Diva jackets & coats here.

To see my other favorite, non-Trashy Diva jacket, head on over to my personal blog, Miss Malaprop. And don’t forget to check out the other participating bloggers…

Mattie-  Odelma Vintage

~ Mallory

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5 responses to “My Favorite Jackets & Coats by Trashy Diva

  1. Oh, I actually have the black leather version of the buckles jacket, love it! My favorite jacket for sure. Speaking of trashy diva jackets, I’m still dreaming about the leather ruffles jacket which was made around the same time I think? How I regret not buying it.. sigh..

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  3. Anna, I’m jealous!

    We were actually just talking about both the buckles jacket and that ruffles one in the office yesterday. Trying to convince Candice to remake them. She said to do them in leather again would be really expensive, but she’s working on a possible denim collection at some point in the near-ish future and I think I might have convinced her that a denim buckles jacket would be dreamy! Maybe a denim ruffles one too??

  4. Thank you. I’m jelous of your jacket as well.
    That sounds awesome! Keeping my fingers crossed for both jackets to reappear. Btw I have a wine leather buckles jacket in size large that’s sadly to big for me. Is there anyone over at trashy diva that would like to have it?

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